Get the Support You Need with Custom Orthotics & Products

Giving your feet the proper support can help the entire body. That’s why at Dr. David Wheatcroft’s office we provide custom foot orthotics. We can examine your feet, your gait, your pronation, and your pain experience in order to fit you with the right product. By using Foot Levelers orthotics, you get support for the 3 intersected arches of your foot to ensure optimal comfort and structural support.

Other products and aides available at Dr. David Wheatcroft’s office include:


  • Serrapeptase
  • Arnicare®
  • Neurexan™
  • Salizain™
  • Adëeva™ supplements
  • Medistik™
  • CryoDerm®

Supportive Aides

  • Back support belts
  • Clavicle straps
  • Wrist/forearm supports
  • Mouth guard splints
  • Tens machines
  • Ring cushions
  • Water pillows
  • Light relief machine

Learn more about orthotics and various supportive aides by booking an appointment with Dr. David Wheatcroft. You can find us in Prince George.