Chiropractic Care—Manual & Instrument Adjustments

Find relief for back, neck, shoulder, leg, and arm pain at the office of Dr. David Wheatcroft. We offer chiropractic care, corrective exercise plans, shockwave and laser therapy, lifestyle advice, nutritional counselling and much more to help you maintain your overall wellness.

Our main pain relief and corrective services include, but are not limited to:

  • Chiropractic care - activator/manual adjustments
  • Shockwave/acoustic wave therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Mechanical massage
  • Trigger point therapy

Chiropractic Care Benefits

The benefits of chiropractic care are many. Not only can it help relieve pain, but it also triggers your body’s natural ability to heal and usually involves no drugs or surgery. If you’ve exhausted traditional medicine options, visit Dr. David Wheatcroft in Prince George to see if chiropractic care is really for you.

Resorting Your Body’s Natural Alignment

Did you know that a tension headache, stiff neck, sore knee and foot pain can all be related? Misalignment in the body is a chain reaction, and one pinched nerve can trigger pain throughout the rest of your joints and muscles. Chiropractic adjustments, along with supportive aides like orthotics, can help improve your alignment and relieve musculoskeletal stress.

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